About Us


How it Started

Deuniforms is a luxury fashion brand that was founded in 1999 with a view to produce perfect fitting uniforms. We believe that uniform promotes the image of a business and how it fits says a lot.

The Founder

Deuniforms was established by Mrs. Abiola Ayeni who with her many years of experience observed that uniforms in Nigeria lacks fittings or finishing. She decided to develop a size range that is based on Nigerian body physique which at the same time conforms with the universal sizing abroad in a bid to solve problems arising from fitting.

Having discovered the key to attain perfect fitting that plagued the uniform industry, she decided to apply the skill to mass production uniform providing the market with quality standardize wear.

Combined Experience and High Tech Equipment

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, the heart of fashion in Nigeria, Deuniforms aim to provide for our home market, a supplier that can compete with production giants from across the world in terms of pricing and quality. With the help of experienced staffs, production team and high-tech equipment, we can deliver to companies the large-scale orders they request without compromising quality. We also source most of our suppliers locally and therefore avoid import cost being able to offer our customers the best price possible.


Our vision is to solve problem arising from mass production of uniforms that is fashioned after the shape of foreign model and ensure we build Nigeria indigenous physique into our uniforms for it to portray a striking and lasting image for company it seeks to promote.


Our mission is to discourage importation and strengthen the country’s home economy by competing with international producers in terms of pricing and quality, we also intend to export our products.

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