We Provide Stylish and Fitted Uniforms for Your Staff

Why D.E Uniforms?

Deuniforms was established to solve problems arising from fitting of Uniforms in Nigeria. Therefore, we possess the skill needed to make uniform serve its purpose.

Guaranteed Fittings

In compiling our sizes, we have gathered a statistic of measurement taken from the body build of Nigerians to give us a perfect fit made for Nigerian Physique and at the same time conforming with universal UK and US size ranging from size 6-30.


Uniforms are meant to be worn every day, we acknowledge the need for it to be durable and washable, so we source fabrics locally from textile factory that understand the Nigerian needs and price and therefore produce only good quality.

Situations When We Resort to Importation

To guarantee quality where the local textile manufacturer does not produce the fabric at all or do not have the quality we can guarantee, we resort to importation.


To tackle problems arising from poor finishing, Deuniforms operates up to date standard of production and standard of quality control same as practiced in foreign factory.

Consistency and Availability

The advantage of locally sourced fabric is that it does not suffer scarcity or change in shade. Consistency is guaranteed.

Neat Finishing

We make use of advanced industrial machinery in producing our uniforms to achieve a perfect finish at the lowest cost.

What Drives Us

Our vision is to solve problem arising from mass production of uniforms that is fashioned after the shape of foreign model and ensure we build Nigeria indigenous physique into our uniforms for it to portray a striking and lasting image for company it seeks to promote.


Know Us Better

Our Aim

Our mission is to discourage importation and strengthen the country’s home economy by competing with international producers in terms of pricing and quality, we also intend to export our products

Our Portfolio

We’ve had the opportunity to work with well-established companies including Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), NAHCO (2006). Heritage Bank, IBEDC, Greenspring School, ALCON Construction Company, Sunnydale School, Oxbridge College

We Design NEW Uniforms Where Necessary

For companies whose uniform are not readily available in the market, we can design initial samples of required uniform for your approval and then provide you with our size range to choose from.

Benefits of Introducing Uniforms to Your Staff

Some companies face a lot of operational challenges without even realizing that all they need to do is to introduce a uniform policy to staff. If you are experiencing any of the following problems, you may want to consider introducing uniform to your staffs.

If your workers are appearing tacky or overdressed to work, even when you have imposed a colour code, you need uniform.

Uniforms tend to make staff focus on the business of the day rather than being distracted by what others are wearing or engaging themselves in current fashion talk.

For jobs prone to hazard, safety uniforms and gears reduces the risk of injury to staff and the liability of company where such injury occurs.

Uniforms break communication barrier and inferiority complex that is common among employee when a company employs a combination of staffs from both rich and poor background and give them license to display the background they belong by making them to wear plain clothes to work.

If staffs are in the habit of dashing out of work to run personal errands, uniforms will help you curb this because there are places you won’t want to go in uniforms, like parties during office hour or weekend jobs, personal meeting or even market.

Switching to uniforms before start of work tend to prepare the mind of even a laziest worker and make them conscious of being at work and constantly reminding them to be cautious of danger zone where hazard is involved.

Chef Uniforms

Medical Uniforms

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